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Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our company. Below you will find some unique facts about who we are and what we do.


Wijnimport J.Bart:

·        Is an importer of over 860 quality wines and distillates made by over 225 producers from 17 old and new world wine countries.

·        Supplies exclusively to the hospitality industry throughout the Netherlands and is one of the most important wine suppliers to the Dutch hospitality industry.

·        Was founded in 1964 by Joop Bart and is now managed by his son Henk Bart who has been working in the company since 1979.

·        Is situated in ‘Fort Benoorden Purmerend’ (Unesco World Heritage) in Zuidoostbeemster and at the Food Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

·        Has complete control of the purchasing and logistical process, from producer to customer.

·        Has a team of 10 wine consultants, all with a high wine degree, which covers and provides service throughout the Netherlands.



1964 Joop Bart registers with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as a supplier to the hospitality industry of potatoes, vegetables, fruit and beverages
1969 Joop Bart stops with the sale of potatoes, vegetables and fruit, to focus solely on the distribution and sale of beverages
1969 Opening of wine shop “De Vrije Drankenhal” in Alkmaar
1970 Opening of wine shop “De Vrije Drankenhal” in Zaandam
1971 Opening of wine shop “De Vrije Drankenhal” in Hoorn and the Cafe Restaurant “Het Wiener Café” in Zaandam
1973 Sale of Cafe Restaurant “Het Wiener Café” and the 3 wine shops
1976 Opening of 'Fort Spijkerboor' as office and wine cellar
1979 Opening of 'Fort Benoorden Purmerend' as new office and wine cellar
1981 After completing viticulture degrees in the Geisenheim (Rheingau, Germany) and Beaune (Bourgogne, France) Henk Bart starts working in the business of his father Joop
1988 After several internships in the Elzas, Bourgogne and Bordeaux, Hans makes his first official steps in the company. Hans Bart passed away in March 2004.
1988 Opening of the office in Amsterdam at the Centrale Groothandelsmarkt (Central Distributors Market)
1995 Large expansion of the wine cellars of “Fort Benoorden Purmerend”
1998 Joop Bart retires and since then Joop’s son, Henk Bart, leads this family business, which prides itself on its team, assortment, flexibility and service. 



Wijnimport J.Bart is a long-time member of the KVNW, the “Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Wijnhandelaren” (“Royal Association of Dutch Wine Traders”).

This certification ensures not only confidence, but also establishes rights and duties throughout the entire process, from the producer to the final customer.

Late 2012, we were one of the first members of the KVNW to receive the reviewed and updated certificate. A few key points are (see for more info):


·         Sustainability

o   Imbedded in all our procedures, from purchasing to the management of the company.


·         Environmental care system

o   Care for the environment is an important pillar in this branch-specific KVNW certification. This is why, for example, our storage facility at Fort Benoorden Purmerend is air-conditioned naturally.


·         Corporate social responsibility

o   Wijnimport J. Bart supports several charities and provides trainings and company visits to Advanced Hospitality Colleges (e.g. Scheveningen), Regional Training Centres such as ROC Mondriaan in The Hague and ROC Amsterdam, the SVH (“Foundation for Hospitality Skills”) and the Gastvrijheidsgilde (“the Hospitality Guild”). The support and transfer of knowledge to educational institutes are spearheads of Wijnimport J. Bart.





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Wijnimport J. Bart imports wines from 220 producers from 16 classic and new wine countries, each with their own translation of their environment, conditions and techniques.


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Providing excellent and reliable service is our priority. From the order to the delivery and providing customized wine advice, training, wine lists, etc.

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