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The Repour Wine Saver

The Repour wine saver is exclusively distributed in Europe by Wijnimport J. Bart, The Netherlands. Wijnimport J. Bart is one of the leading national importer of fine wines for the on-trade in The Netherlands. For more information, quotes and orders, please contact Roderick Ros at or tel: +31 (0)299 689 114.

The Repour Wine Saver is available in several luxury carton packaging:

Nr. of Repour per package Ex-Works price RRP Available per 01-01-2018
1 on request € 2,29 on request
4 € 4,00 € 7,99 yes
10 € 8,20 € 14,99 yes
72 on request € 79,99 on request

Mimimum order 100 stoppers, packed in a 4- or 10 packs. Volume discount is possible on request. Prices are based on €1= US$1,20 

We recieve very positive reactions of our on-trade clients who have used Repour. Also the Dutch press has writen positively about Repour. 
Other partners, like the Wine In Moderation foundation Holland, will use Repour as a way of stimulating wine lovers to enjoy their daily glass of wine without loss of quality or feeling one has to finish the bottle because of possible loss of quality. This social responsibility aspect is an added value of the Repour.

The on-trade is a great vehicle to promote Repour as specialists, like sommeliers, naturally endorce the product by using it in their restaurants and wine bars. But we believe in the sales potential of the product is there, and not only in on-trade. It is very much a consumer product as well.

Other group of users who will love to use Repour:

  • wineries with cellar doors, so they keep the opened bottle of wine longer after a tasting and for the next tasting, even if this is next month.
  • wine sales represenatives, as they can have many great and more exprensive wines open moving from client to client.
  • Any restaurant/wine bar which is closed for 1 or 2 days. All the opened wines is as good as just opened when after the 2 days or week holiday.
  • Restaurants who like to give the not finished bottle of wine away with their clients so they can enjoy it tomorrow or next week, month at home.


How Does Repour Work So Well?

The science behind Repour is simple. By putting our oxygen-absorbing material in the Repour stopper, we are able to continuously remove the oxygen from the air above the wine in the bottle, and from the wine itself, bringing the level of oxygen in the air down below 0.05% and the dissolved oxygen in the wine to less than 0.03 ppm (that's pretty much removing ALL the oxygen)!  By removing all the oxygen, we completely STOP the wine degradation process.  Other wine preservation products, such as wine pumps and wine vacuum pumps, use air displacement, which reduces the oxygen, but doesn't eliminate it.  That is why these other products only keep your wine fresh for a few more days.  With Repour, the next time you want to enjoy your wine, whether it is days, week, or even months later, it will be so fresh you may even want to let it "open up" again. 
Instead of throwing out a bottle of wine that has gone bad, or messing with complex, expensive, and not so effective contraptions, simply insert the wine "stopper" in place of the bottle's original cork, and preserve the wine for the life of the opened bottle. Your favorite wine, simply saved and perfectly preserved. 

What is the Science Behind Repour?

When we go to the grocery store and purchase "fresh" food, much of it uses the same oxygen-absorbing technologies we use in Repour. In fact, the National Institute of Health has even published a nice concise summary of how widespread the industry is.
Click here for the Material Safety Data Sheet en here for the US Food and Drug Administration Complience Letter.

For all your questions about this product, please go to

Scott Neal ,Winemaker at Coeur de Terre Vineyard, About Repour.

It is a wine saver that actively removes the harmful Oxygen from your wine keeping it fresh for months....even when enjoyed glass-by-glass. 

Click here for more testimonials.







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