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At Wijnimport J. Bart, we believe that providing excellent service is an essential part of our business. Our service consists of several branches, which all have Wijnimport J. Bart’s own experts on hand to attend to our customers.


Our wine consultants all have a wine masters degree at the very least and are also part of the buying team with his or her own area of expertise, which is why their basic knowledge level is very high. For example, our wine consultant Ibert van der Waal is a Magister Vini (MV) who is specialised in Spain. As a result, we have an enormous amount of up-to-date, in-house knowledge available. This knowledge is shared with the other wine consultants, the sales department and with our customers, through advice and tastings for staff and/or guests, comprehensive wine descriptions, multimedia and through our portfolio.

Wine lists

Wijnimport J. Bart has a special department for making wine lists. We can take care of anything to do with your wine list, including incorparating your logo or providing other information that you would like to include in your wine list, such as wine descriptions, style indications and labels. If there are any new vintages, the wine list is automatically updated and sent to the customer. This department can also design table cards for promotions like Wine of the Month, Asparagus Wine, Game Wine, etc.

Easy ordering

Our sales department knows its customers and our portfolio inside and out, so you can feel confident of good service when asking for advice, not only on the wines itself, but also when it comes to food pairing. All our wines can generally be ordered per bottle so our customers are able to manage their stocks precisely.  

Own drivers

Our own drivers deliver the wines throughout the Netherlands. Many drivers have worked for Wijnimport J. Bart for years, so they have known our customers for years already as well. Our drivers will think alongside with the clients about possible delivery times, will put the wines away in the right place and in the right manner, can take back any returns (of corked wines, for example) and are able to act swiftly in the event of unexpected deliveries.



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Wijnimport J. Bart imports wines from 220 producers from 16 classic and new wine countries, each with their own translation of their environment, conditions and techniques.


Our current portfolio of wines, dived by region and/or country (without prices).


Providing excellent and reliable service is our priority. From the order to the delivery and providing customized wine advice, training, wine lists, etc.

Order by QV Select

QV Select is a concept especially for individuals. High quality wines that are not available in stores